Wednesday, 11 March 2009

William Rast - Fall 09

Not only does this man definitely know how to make his presence known in the music industry, but now he's making waves in fashion?! And successfully, I might add.

William Rast, the wonderful, wonderful produce of Justin Timberlake, showed it's Fall 09 collection recently at New York fashion week.

Most notably, for some, were the tassled boots for men...
I'm not sure they'll catch on... but the women's boots.....???
OOOOH I think we have a winner!!

This outfit literally makes me swoon!
The monochrome look is classic, and the detailing is feminine, yet edgy. Structured shoulders are pushing their way back in, featuring widely across many catwalks over the international fashion weeks; and this shirt, pulled in at the waist by the fitted skirt balances out the sharpness perfectly. I can't admit to being a fan of the native american tassles that every accessory seems to boast right now, but those boots.... I want!

One of the things I liked most about the mens' collection was the use of length and layering for the tops and shirts. Long black tees formed the staple look, flattering the denim that Rast is quickly becoming popular for, but these long plaid shirts really did catch my attention. Checked shirts have reached their popularity peak, and are beginning to get a bit old, but what a way to revamp the style! In muted and darker tones, William Rast has lengthened the trusty shirt, and created an easy day/night piece, that would look good with most casual/smart trousers or denim. Guys, remember that blazers are making a come-back. Seen on many designers' runways, it's an EASY way to smarten up an outfit for a party or if you're just looking to impress. If you're out to buy, then invest in a well-fitted jacket that sits well on your frame. Don't be afraid to ask advisors for their opinion to see if it fits perfectly - getting a professional opinion to get the right fit is always worthwhile. If you really want to make a statement, a double-breasted blazer jacket is sure to achieve that. Don't worry about it going out of fashion - we all know it will be back in the loop in a few years time!! (just don't put on too much weight in the mean time!) Jackets will always be a necessary and well-used part of a man's wardrobe.

What think you, people?

Is JT going to become just as successful in the fashion world?

What do you think of this new collection and the items I've focused on?


Mei your day be great!
Sarah Mei


  1. I think it'll be successful. JT's kept this one relatively quiet so only people 'in the know' know about the collections giving it some credibility. Plus the designs are decent aswell.