Thursday, 15 October 2009

Viktor & Rolf's disappearing act

The most amazing piece shown in Paris Fashion Week, has got to be the disappearing dress by Viktor & Rolf for their s/s 2010 collection. The dress, made up of layers and layers of structured tulle, over black leggings worn in front of the black background, to create an almost invisible middle to the bottom of the dress. The piece was strangely from their collection inspired by the credit crunch yet really would not have been an inexpensive piece to make.
Last year I went the Viktor & Rolf collections exhibition at the Barbican, and became a big fan of the designers for their originality. The exhibition showed some of their designs, and in the middle a 2 storey house sized doll house, with dolls wearing miniature replicas, it truly was unique and inspiring.

Do you appreciate Viktor & Rolf's originality?
Emily X

Fashion goes natural

Alexander McQueen's Paris Fashion Week show was highly anticipated for his ever-building array of theatrical pieces. His new S/S 2010 catwalk showed his new theme of all things natural. Unlike many other designers who use a nude colour palette when it come to Spring, McQueen based his pieces on peacocks and reptiles, digitally printed on structured dresses, enhancing the hips and shoulders. Perhaps his most talked about pieces were the 'Hoof Shoes'. The shoes, worn by all the models, literally look like animal hooves or bird claws, with rounded sculptured tops reaching great heights. The shoes were definitely on par with the anti-recession approach to fashion at the moment; fashion that shows fun fantasy and not at all any classic practicality. Whether you loved them or hated them, the shoes certainly got everyone talking. Fashion is not necessarily meant for wearing, some is just art or spectacle.
Did you like the shoes? Or think they are plain insanity?
Emily X

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


This autumn one of the big trends hitting the high street is all things check. Dogtooth reminds me of the 60s matchy matchy trends, but has been updated this season, with Alexander McQueen's heavy influence from his a/w 09 collection where dogtooth was his focus. McQueen showed a collection of dogtooth dresses, suits and now sells the accessories to match, such as his squeezy clutch.

Of course, dogtooth has filtered down to the high street, with dresses and coats in topshop, new look, reiss, river island, next,wallis and many more. Dogtooth is a great update to your wardrobe, looking retro but modern, and you can't go wrong if you pick just one great piece and let it do the talking.

Will you be buying into the dogtooth trend?

Emily X

Eeeeek SEX & THE CITY 2!

Every magazine over the last few weeks has been showing new photos from the set of SATC 2...ITS SO EXCITING. I officially can't wait for the film to see the new clothes. The first film was spot-on with all the trends of 2007 & 2008; fierce heels, belted waists and jumpsuits, it will be interesting to see what they come up with this time around. We've already seen some vintage Halston, Herve Ledger and Dior, seen in the photo above, and hopefully we'll see much more in the coming weeks. Eeeeekkk.

Emily X

Emma Watson: fashion's new darling

Emma Watson is the one of the most talked about young women, of the moment, in terms of fashion. I really like her style, as opposed to all those indie young girls on the fashion front (Alexa Chung, Daisy Lowe blah blah blah) she chooses surprisingly classic fashion for someone so young, but always with an edge. It is nice to have a different view on young fashion, I'm getting very bored of lumberjack shirts, and the 90s grunge should never be having a comeback. Watson, a fan of Chanel, Burberry and Christopher Kane really shows there is a difference to young fashion; its not just indie or girls aloud/WAG style.

I hope her high fashion status continues, as a fresh approach to British style.

Do you think Emma Watson's style is a fresh view on fashion?

Or do you prefer the the indie girls' fashion?

Emily X

LFW Betty Jackson s/s 10

At the 25th London Fashion Week, Betty Jackson's s/s show really stood out as a great example of British Fashion. I particularly loved the brocade details, in muted colours, perfect for the transition from winter to spring (see left). The designs also showed current trends such as the structured shoulder and the up and coming trend of underwear as outerwear. I'm loving the mix of ladylike fabric with an updated silhouette. Jackson also stuck to the classics, again with the on-trend silhouette, with a nautical striped top, and cropped trousers, among other designs.

Do you like Betty Jackson's trendy but classic designs?

Emily X

Monday, 6 April 2009

Grazia exclusive on H&M Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson for H&M - red carpet debut!


Have a looky!

Mei your day be great!!

Friday, 3 April 2009

Kate Moss for Topshop

Looking at Kate Moss' spring/summer 09 collection for Topshop, released on Thursday, I'm really not seeing what all the fuss is about. Kate Moss, known to be THE style icon of the 21st Century, has never particularly enthralled me. Though she does look good, I find her day wear quite boring, especially when you then get a million copycats across Britain sporting Moss' "uniform" of skinny jeans, a blazer and ankle boots or pumps.The only piece I actually quite like from the collection is the liberty print dress (seen above), which shows Moss is aware of the trends she never wears. However most of the collection just seems to be quite bland, in comparison with her previous collections, though Sir Phillip Green did say this was her best season so far. Yet most of the pieces are quite random, they don't fit easily together as a collection, and her patterns are quite lurid.

Moss' collection just seems overpriced and overrated, and yet you know it will all sell out immediately because everyone wants a piece of her.

Do you think Kate Moss is

Yay or Nay?

Emily X

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Go Low!

Men, guys, males, hombres, hommes, uomini!
I have news for you…

The latest trend for men, it seems, is the return of the ‘low cut top’.

What?! I hear you gasp.

Well, having scouted recent magazines, and noticing several guys donning the look on trains, tubes, buses and in clubs in and around Londres, I have noticed a definite influx in the number of men wearing low cut tops. This coincidence was then really brought to my attention in the fashion section of the 21st march 2009 edition of The Independent Magazine, available with The Independent newspaper on Saturdays.
Now, I always find the images very interesting and the models are usually of a very high standard in this particular publication so I usually try to grab a copy when I can, and the edition in question was no disappointment. Plus the model is cute :) - not that this will interest the majority of you men, sorry.
‘Necks generation’, was the title of the spread and the subtitle, “Bare that chest in style with unbuttoned shirts, scoops and giant V-necks”. Trust me, it's going to be hot for summer '09.

Images taken from edition of the The Independent Magazine released 21.03.09.
(Tops by Lanvin, Burberry, Prada, respectively.)

It’s a good look, in my opinion, but guys, remember to wear your low-cuts with confidence, and please, for the benefit of the ladies, avoid at all costs if you are in possession of a love-rug (we live in the 21st century, hairy chests belong to the 80s era, and aren’t as desirable today). FYI, these tops are also not so flattering on the man-boobs.

If low-cut is what you want, but you don’t have the stomach to flash your chest, accessorise with a light scarf (not a big chain – oh no), or a light jacket with a high collar. The look is complimented well by smart-casual trousers or straight leg/slim fit jeansnot so much with shorts. Aim for low-cut not wide-cut slashed tops, or you may end up looking a bit punk-ish – unless, of course, that is the precise look you’re going for, in which case WAHEY!


It’s summer soon, be happy!

Mei your day be great!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Preppy to Punk

Gossip Girl fills the gap, fashion wise, left by Sex and the City; and boasts some of the most stylish television characters around. Whereas Serena Van Der Woodsen (played by Blake Lively) and Blair Waldorf (played by Leighton Meester) both have their consistent styles, Jenny Humphrey, played by Taylor Momsen, the young girl on the show seems to be finding her style. Series 1 showed Jenny to be a Blair clone, donned with Preppy uniform, hairband and ankle socks. As seen below;
Whereas the beginning of series 2, shows Jenny developing her style, with pretty summer dresses, during her internship at Eleanor Waldorf.
But eventually, after all the pictures of the "new" Jenny in the media, the transformation from Preppy to Punk has taken place this week. The change of Jenny's style is abit too sudden for my liking, and the new look isn't really my taste, but she truly appears individual in GG now. Dressed in plaid shirts, leather jackets, beanies and boots, Jenny now differs from Serena and Blair greatly, looking generally older and more stylish. Now we can just wonder...what style is next?

Do you like the new look Jenny? YAY or NAY?
Emily XOXO (my little tribute)