Thursday, 12 March 2009


A few years ago, when I heard about the start of Twenty8Twelve, I definitely had my reservations. Though I do admire Sienna Miller's style and individuality, it annoys me when celebrities put their hand to designing, when there is so much unseen talent out there. But, I must say I am IMPRESSED with the collections Sienna and sister Savannah have created so far.

The Twenty8Twelve spring/summer 09 collection, which is available to buy, (ahh if only I could afford its relatively cheap designer prices) is a fantastic collection of designs, with particular focus on the androgynous look, with a mix of summer dresses and tailoring. The collection has a slightly preppy edge, reminding me of Blair Waldorf and the fabulous styling of 'Gossip Girl'. I particularly love the monochrome desins below, which, far from giving the Chanel vibe, that black and white normally gives, appears fresh and youthful.

Similarly, the autumn/winter 09 collection, their debut collection for catwalk is no dissapointment, with Sienna and Savannah Miller, again, presenting their fresh, stylish and versatile designs. I particularly love that they either go all out injecting colour, or stick with their monochrome favourite. I'm loving the following designs, the first due to the autumnal tones of the dress, the latter because of the fantastic draping;

What do you think of Twenty8Twelve? YAY OR NAY?
Emily X


  1. I have to admit I'm surprised... but i like. YAY from me, most def.

  2. I'm a total YAY for twenty8twelve. I've been a big Sienna fan for a few years now and was so excited to see she was doing a fashion line, I agree a lot of the celebrity lines are pure shit (eg. Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag - if you can even call them celebrities! - 'collections' of cheap and slutty dresses, but with Savannah on board I was always quite sure it would be a hit. Have to say the clothes are great, although very similar to a lot of other stuff out there. Not exactly innovative but very wearable which is what is important.

  3. Yeah I agree, none of Twenty8Twelve is very unique and definately not high fashion, but the clothes are actually wearable and still look good.

  4. I'm a yay for twenty8twelve.
    i have a pair of their jeans which are AMAZING.
    Also Savannah graduated from csm, which means instantly shes got talent!