Sunday, 22 February 2009

Simply British...

Seeing next seasons' designs in london fashion week, Margaret Howell's A/W 09 womenswear collection stood out to me, as modern but quintessentially British. Howell, based in London, presented designs with a fantastic mixture of schoolgirl and country, meets luxe sportswear, all easy to wear pieces. I particularly love the looks below...

Would you wear these designs? YAY OR NAY?

Emily X

Friday, 20 February 2009

Alexandra Groover A/W 09

This afternoon I dragged my over-tired body out to the first day of London Fashion Week. Despite rounding up a nice collection of tickets for this season I have only chosen to attend two due to my severe lack of funds and the fact I hate commuting to London. One of the shows I decided to check out was Alexandra Groover's 'Black Label' collection. The press release states that the use of only black is Groover's signature as she "sees colour as a distraction from her focus on silhouette and sculptural shape making." Hmmm.....

Many people who know me are aware that I tend to live most of my life dressed nearly head to toe in black, and so I was excited to see what Groover had to offer and whether she would be able to produce an exciting, catwalk-worthy collection despite the lack of colour.

The show began, fourty-five minutes after the scheduled time, with a black and white projection of a model twirling around like a little girl before the first model took to the catwalk, slow moving with ambient music in the background. Not the type
of high-energy show I usually prefer, however this gave a chance to look at the clothing in detail.

I have to say I wasn't blown away by the collection. Inspired by natural science with references to seashells and jellyfish, Groover certainly showe
d a different approach to clothing structure. The most inspiring pieces were a shell shaped hooded jacket, a round, puff-ball type dress and a shell shaped dress collar. I have to say the rest of the collection, although simple and wearable, did not leave me thinking 'wow' like I did with, for example, Topshop Unique last season. As much as I love black clothing, I just wanted to throw some colour into the show, or to add some more dynamic fabrics. The collection seemed a bit like a collection of toiles.

All in all, in my opinion, the show was 'so so'. Apart from a few select pieces that stood out I felt that the rest of the collection simply 'filled the gaps'. Ho
wever, I loved the theme behind the collection, and the fact that the models twirled around instead of the traditional posing at the end of the catwalk :P.

Elle x

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Fabulous Print


The Aussie/Italian print specialist is AMAZING. This dress is the follow-up to his original dress, created by Christopher De Vos for the ready to wear Autumn/Winter 08 collection (as seen below on Lisa Snowdon, Tamsin Egerton & Rihanna). I just can't decide which print is MORE amazing. What do you think? DO YOU LOVE?
Emily X

Cages for your feet?

Why, hello there!
How lovely of you to join us :)

I’m posting, today, to get your opinion on a some shoes... (Ooooh! I hear you say)

Well, those in question are the 'Cage' shoes, booties and ankle boots from the Yves Saint Laurent Spring 09 collection.

I haven’t really seen a huge reaction to these (and I don’t know why?! remember the HYPE over the Rodarte-Louboutin studded stilettos from fall 09?), but I’d like to get a scope of yours.

Strictly just for catwalk?

Seen anyone out on the town in them?

Would YOU wear them?

You cannot deny these shoes certainly catch your eye!

So, whether you’re a lover of shoes or not… what say you?


See more at

Mei your day be great <3

Sarah Mei

Monday, 9 February 2009


Welcome to ruFashion, the blog spawned from the Reading University Fashion Society (yet to be fully set up but this is fun in the meantime), featuring the ramblings and observations about life and fashion from a group of students.

If you have something you want to write about for the blog drop us a message and we will post it for you!

Elle, Sarah and Emily xox