Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Go Low!

Men, guys, males, hombres, hommes, uomini!
I have news for you…

The latest trend for men, it seems, is the return of the ‘low cut top’.

What?! I hear you gasp.

Well, having scouted recent magazines, and noticing several guys donning the look on trains, tubes, buses and in clubs in and around Londres, I have noticed a definite influx in the number of men wearing low cut tops. This coincidence was then really brought to my attention in the fashion section of the 21st march 2009 edition of The Independent Magazine, available with The Independent newspaper on Saturdays.
Now, I always find the images very interesting and the models are usually of a very high standard in this particular publication so I usually try to grab a copy when I can, and the edition in question was no disappointment. Plus the model is cute :) - not that this will interest the majority of you men, sorry.
‘Necks generation’, was the title of the spread and the subtitle, “Bare that chest in style with unbuttoned shirts, scoops and giant V-necks”. Trust me, it's going to be hot for summer '09.

Images taken from edition of the The Independent Magazine released 21.03.09.
(Tops by Lanvin, Burberry, Prada, respectively.)

It’s a good look, in my opinion, but guys, remember to wear your low-cuts with confidence, and please, for the benefit of the ladies, avoid at all costs if you are in possession of a love-rug (we live in the 21st century, hairy chests belong to the 80s era, and aren’t as desirable today). FYI, these tops are also not so flattering on the man-boobs.

If low-cut is what you want, but you don’t have the stomach to flash your chest, accessorise with a light scarf (not a big chain – oh no), or a light jacket with a high collar. The look is complimented well by smart-casual trousers or straight leg/slim fit jeansnot so much with shorts. Aim for low-cut not wide-cut slashed tops, or you may end up looking a bit punk-ish – unless, of course, that is the precise look you’re going for, in which case WAHEY!


It’s summer soon, be happy!

Mei your day be great!


  1. check you out trinny....i like though...

    - Asgillius

  2. like you said its not for all men.

    to pull it off properly, i think it is necessary to have a well defined chest not to hench but some where in between. i think someone like a Taye Diggs or a Will Smith ( No Homo)