Thursday, 15 October 2009

Viktor & Rolf's disappearing act

The most amazing piece shown in Paris Fashion Week, has got to be the disappearing dress by Viktor & Rolf for their s/s 2010 collection. The dress, made up of layers and layers of structured tulle, over black leggings worn in front of the black background, to create an almost invisible middle to the bottom of the dress. The piece was strangely from their collection inspired by the credit crunch yet really would not have been an inexpensive piece to make.
Last year I went the Viktor & Rolf collections exhibition at the Barbican, and became a big fan of the designers for their originality. The exhibition showed some of their designs, and in the middle a 2 storey house sized doll house, with dolls wearing miniature replicas, it truly was unique and inspiring.

Do you appreciate Viktor & Rolf's originality?
Emily X

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